Friday, May 27, 2011

Take A Stand!

A hat stand!

I wanted a place to keep my hats from getting bent out of shape and to display them nicely as well. I was definitely inspired by these

but honestly I just don't have that many hats... Still...

This was my solution: 
1. Buy cheap candlesticks (I got mine from Ikea)

2. Buy glass globes (no bigger than your head) Mine are from CB2
3. Put them together. (I used a hot glue gun, the DIYer's best friend)
Originally I was going to paint the candlesticks but I sort of fell in love with the shiny surface of these. 
Here's what they look like with hats

I wanted the glass balls because they wouldn't stretch out the hat and so that when I am using the hat it doesn't just look like an empty candle stick. 

Currently I only have the two hats but with hatstands like these I'll have to add more! Maybe something like this
A royal wedding hat from here

Or maybe not...

But that floppy hat will sure come in handy when I start tackling the back yard this weekend....


  1. Terrific idea - love the hats on the canes in the umbrella stand or pot.

  2. How clever to use the glass balls! BTW, I think that hat would actually look pretty on your stand, on your head however.... LOL.