Friday, May 20, 2011

The Dungeon Room

(AKA the guest bed. Sorry folks, no whips and chains...)

That's what my husband calls it. I kind of like it. Some people have their "Tea room" or "Rose Room", I have a "Dungeon Room".

When we moved in quite a few of the rooms were painted a strange shade of lavender (you might have noticed that in the MLS pics here). Not quite purple enough to be hideous but still not what I wanted for my rooms. In fact, the guest bed not only had lavender walls but also a lavender ceiling.

It also has only one window (so the whole space is slightly dark) and a strange extension of the chimney from the fireplace above. (I've been told it might have once had a wood burning stove there to heat the house)

Here's what it looks like now:

 Sorry for the bad lighting, still getting used to the new camera. That's Daniel there removing the old baseboard heater. (NOTE TO SELF: turn off electricity to the house before playing with wiring...)

Now, normally people don't start with the guest bed when decorating their house, but Daniel's friend CJ just got a job in Seattle and needed a place to stay while he looked for an apartment. He's coming Saturday which will be one and a half weeks after we moved in. So, while almost everything else is in boxes I am determined to have at least that room finished. And, since it is a guest bed room I thought I could get away with making it dark and moody.

I bought these curtains from Cost Plus (love that place) and am designing the room around them.

I'm thinking a nice deep blue grey... what do you think?

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  1. LOVE the curtains. . . The blue grey will definitely be dark! You could accent with the colors in the curtains :) It will look great!