Thursday, November 17, 2011

Dining room Makeover- Phase 1

I've been meaning to paint the walls in the dining room since we moved in. Remember their unfortunate shade of lavender?

Ok, so it is hard to see just how lavender they were but believe me, it was weird. One of those shades that looks blue sometimes and pink others. It is pretty but not really my color. In fact, painting it was the first on my list of things to do before Thanksgiving, so last weekend I finally got it done. I waited for the reveal because I needed to wait for the paint to cure to add my art. Here she is, the glorious after

Looking at them back to back you can really see how different the color is (it is BM Mountain Peak White). I also finally got the gallery wall of wine labels hung. (The wall looks a little yellower here than it really is but I was having trouble white balancing it)

When Daniel and I first met neither of us really drank but one of the first dates we went on was wine tasting in Santa Cruz at a place called Bonny Doon Vineyard. Daniel was drawn to them because one of the wine label artists was Ralph Steadman the illustrator of Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas. His labels were fun and dark and the wine was good.
Cardinal Zin
We are still members of their wine club and try to save every new label they have (I have a lot more labels left to frame). We also add labels from bottles that mean something to us.

This Icardi label came from the bottle of Champagne we drank when Daniel proposed. I wish I could find more of it but I haven't seen it around anywhere.

I also started working on my centerpiece for Thanksgiving but more on that tomorrow.

Lists have been made, turkey bought, house in the process of being cleaned. We're almost there folks!


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  1. I love the change!! The wine art is such a creative idea!! Good work! :)

  2. This looks great! I love that you are using something sentimental for your wall art!

  3. I love gallery walls and this one looks well thought out.