Thursday, November 3, 2011

Family Fun Post Pt 2

When we last left our heroes we were happily traipsing through the Seattle Arboretum. I had truffles to make Sunday so not much family time happened that day but Monday (officially my father's birthday) was a blast!

We started off our day going to the Ballard Locks. Ever been? They are like a tiny version of the Panama Canal.

Boats go in to the channel and water is drained out of the chamber lowering them to the level on the other side. Like a boat elevator.

Here is a boat going out. When it came in it was at the height of the sidewalk almost.

We checked out the fish ladder there too but no fish. We did see geese though! And Dad tested his iPhone's ability to identify the plant life. Not much success there.

After the Locks we had lunch in Ballard and drove down to the Museum of Flight in South Seattle. What boy's birthday isn't right without pretending to be a jet fighter?

Even mom got in on the action

I just wanted to be Jackie O

The museum was pretty neat if you are into all of the planes and history. They had a great collection of planes you could go in to which was really neat. Including Air Force One (well an old one anyway).

Coincidentally this was actually the plane my father saw Nixon step out of in Orange County in '71. How crazy is that?  I think he had a good birthday, I certainly enjoyed having him here for it.

That's all folks. Hope you enjoyed a little glimpse into life in Seattle. Did you see all the sun? I told you it doesn't rain here nearly as often as people would like you to believe.


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  1. Thanks for the tour. I always love to know the hot spots according to the locals. We were in Seattle a couple of times this summer but didn't know about these places.