Thursday, August 4, 2011

Good Eats Challenge Week 6: Ice Cream

Ok, so I know I am horribly late on this post but I was hoping I'd have better news for you on how it turned out.

Last Friday we attempted Ice Cream. Key Lime Sorbet to be precise. We followed every direction to the letter, churned away and got... a block of lime flavored ice. **sigh**

I attempted to melt and re-churn (since that was Alton Brown's advice if it didn't turn out) but no luck. It tastes really good just doesn't scoop like ice cream.

Since I didn't want to call it a complete failure I remembered this pin that made me want Popsicles

via Southern Living

and made this

Some dry champagne over the key lime scrapings. YUM! it may have been a failure but we still enjoyed the evening. 

Anyone have tips on ice cream making? I have the Kitchen Aide Ice Cream attachment and have yet to make a good batch of ice cream with it. Here's to hoping! See you next week for Biscuits! 


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