Thursday, August 25, 2011

How Can You Not?

One of my favorite things about traveling is going to new thrift stores. There is just such a range of things people give away and it is fun to see what is out there. In fact, some of my favorite thrift store finds have been from non local stores. So how excited was I when we were getting off the freeway in Spokane, WA for gas and I see the Goodwill sign. It was like choirs of angels began singing. Of course we had to stop and as always I made a b-line to the furniture section (this is always my first stop). I was mightily rewarded (if I do say so myself). Ok, I know orange velvet isn't exactly chic. Reupholstering is definitely in this chairs future.

Just look at the details. I love the caning on the arms and the art deco legs.

The only thing I am kicking myself over is that I didn't get both! This is why....

I bought the chair for the corner where it is now but it just doesn't match with the 70's style upholstered green chair. The lines clash. My green chair is all squat and dumpy next to the romantic lines of the orange chair. Of course since I got it at the thrift store in Spokane I can't even go back for the other one. Oh well. For a 20$ investment I will find somewhere it fits but until I know where it will go it will stay orange. It will make a good winter project. Anyone else cursed like I am with bringing home furniture only to find out it doesn't fit where you think it will? Maybe my sense of proportion will get better with age?



  1. What a great find! I love the shape and style of the chair. I can't believe you got it for only $20. That's a steal.

  2. Yes! We have chairs all over our attic because I think they'll work, but they don't!

  3. @Heather, I think our attics could be friends. If you lived closer we could chair swap!

  4. wow! it does look like it...yours looks way better though...i put the cushions back on after i painted it and i thought i kinda liked the orange after all...everybody else said ew so thats where the drop cloth came in...thanks for visiting my blog

  5. Visiting from miss mustard seed’s party, and love this! Come visit me anytime!