Thursday, August 11, 2011

New Dance Shoes

I love me some sparklies! So why not put them on your shoes? Suburbs Mama had me at the Mod Podge with these babies.

Is there nothing Mod Podge can't make even more awesome? I had a pair of shoes sitting around that I never wear so I thought, why the heck not??? If I ruin them, well, I wasn't wearing them anyway (it helped that I had an abundance of Mod Podge and Glitter too so it was a free project in my eyes).

I took my shoes from this

To this

Couldn't you just die???? I love them! 

Since I didn't start with tan shoes I painted mine with some acrylic paint I had laying around from the craft store. It took three coats to get them to this state

Then I mixed my gold glitter (Martha Stewart's Smokey Quartz) that I had left over from some sparkly candles I made last Christmas with my Mod Podge. It is really hard to tell if you are putting enough glitter in. My first mix gave me this

Not enough glitter. It should almost cover completely the first time so I added more and got this

Oh Mod Podge how I love you. I let that dry and added one more coating of the glitter to even out any missed spots and then topped it with a clear coat of Mod Podge to seal it in. Then I just let it dry over night and voila, gold shoes for a whopping $0.00 (way better than some of the $500 ones I've seen around like these). I figure, even if I never wear these shoes again they will at least look smashing on my closet shelves (it wasn't like I was wearing them very often in the first place). 

Do you dare to glitterfy some shoes? Dare, dare! If I had a daughter I'd make her be Dorthy for Halloween just to make a pair of these in red. Hey, I might do that any way. Now please excuse me while I stare at my feet.


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