Tuesday, August 9, 2011

In With the Good, Out With the Bad

Boy was I productive yesterday! I got the downstairs shower re-finished, made two pillows, reupholstered an ottoman, made a bracelet and put the last coat on my jewelry box project. I was a woman on fire!  It's amazing what company coming can do to boost your motivation.

I've seen a few posts on re-finishing a bathtub or shower and everyone seems to have had good luck at it so I thought I'd give it a go. One of the things many people recommended was using a spray on product instead of a roll on for ease of use. Not so much for me. I don't know if I am just spray paint challenged but I had serious issues with getting this to work. It kept clogging and dripping. A mess! If you are well versed in spray paint it probably is easier but I think when I refinish my tub I'll try the roll on. On the plus side though it worked really well (or at least it looks good so far). I'll give you a sneak peak



No, it isn't picture perfect but it is better than it was and we don't have the time/money to demo the bath. I think if I had been willing to chip away all the badly placed caulk it might have looked a little cleaner but I was afraid I'd completely ruin the shower. On the plus side I got to get all dressed up for the occasion

I call it post apocalyptic chic.

I did decide on a color scheme though which I am very excited about

Love you BHG

I'm keeping the walls a classic white with some green in the art and coral in the shower curtain. I picked up this one at Target

It is fun and geometric (and clear which is a huge plus in that tiny tiny light-less shower stall). I have a gold frame for some tropical art and was thinking I'd add some gold accents to the place. It should be bright and fun when I finish. Today I paint the walls and then hopefully have something to reveal to you by Friday (which coincidentally is when my parents arrive). 


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