Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Hiding Junk: Take Two

You might remember from here that I already made a curtain for hiding the bathroom junk. Let's just say, plans changed for the room.

With the new color scheme I needed a new curtain and this time I went with something more neutral in case I decided to change it all again in a few months. Here is what I ended up with

I did pretty much exactly the same thing as the last curtain but this time I used double sided hem tape instead of the iron. I also wanted to make box pleats so I used about 2 yards of fabric instead of the original one.

The double sided hem tape was great for laying down the ribbon trim

It works like most double sided tape: you lay one side down and then peel up the backing for the other side. It was nice because I could re position the ribbon to get it straight and there weren't any seam lines in my pretty satin ribbon. (I can't attest to how well this would work in a busier bathroom with the steam but I am not too worried about my guest bath, no one's even showered in there yet)

I had planned to put nail head trim along the top but this happened

Nailing into the wall was making it fall apart. So I improvised and used my double sided tape again to position it just a little higher on the wall.

It's been up for a week with no problems. I'll let you know if it all comes crashing down later. Another simple easy way to create something pretty. And If i change the colors in the bathroom again I can just change out the ribbon at the bottom to coordinate.


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