Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Favorite Things In My Town

If you've been with me from the beginning you know I love where I live (see that first post here). This July marked our third year in Seattle and there is definitely no going back (sorry mom). What I really love about it here is that even though I am within walking distance of downtown Seattle and all of its glory I don't actually feel like I live down town.

Here on Queen Anne Hill we get the best of all things Seattle. I'm sure all of you know this sky line
Via Here

This is the view from Kerry Park just 6 blocks from our house. Queen Anne is filled with parks and green space (like the one we got married in) that just come alive in the spring and summer. How gorgeous are these Irises?

And then fall comes and it looks like this

To this SoCal girl seasons are just so novel. Some times it even snows! (I know, most of you get this every year but it rarely happens in Seattle which makes it all the more special)

Besides the three grocery shops all in walking distance (which just about makes this the most perfect place on earth) we also have the cutest little shopping district on Queen Anne Ave. There are tons of boutiques and restaurants to fill anyone's shopping desires. Here are some of my faves (but there are plenty more)

Le Reve Bakery, a french pastry shop with some of the best macrons I've ever had. 

Chocolopolis (my sometime employer where I work as a chocolatier during the busy season) which will happily fill any chocolate craving. 


Three Birds (which is new to us) but has a great collection of home goods
And the 5 Spot which is a great classic diner that comes up with a new regional menu every few months. Some of my favorites have been D.C. and Portland.


It can be difficult to get here (especially if you walk up the hill) but it is worth the effort! Hope this inspires you to come visit our neck of the woods.



  1. I'm dying to visit!! Great post!! Centsational girl's link party has been really fun!!

  2. That fall tree picture is just gorgeous. Also visiting from Censational girl. Checked out your cute vivarium post - inspired to get one done before winter.

  3. I am so with you!!! We used to live on Queen Anne on Prospect not too far from Kerry Park. Then we moved to Green Lake where we were only 2 blocks from the park in a lovely 1905 beautiful, Craftsman. I miss it there so much it hurts sometimes. We are now dying from the heat in Chandler, AZ. Thanks for your wonderful post! Your pics made me long for the upcoming crisp, cool air and changing of the leaves of fall in Seattle!!!

  4. Seattle is on our list of vacation spots in the next few years. I can't wait to see it.