Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Good Eats Challenge Week 8: Gravy

Ok, I'm not a super huge fan of Gravy but it is a good thing to know how to make (especially since I'm hosting Thanksgiving this year). It is really pretty simple it just takes a bit of finesse.

Here's what you need

We made a half recipe since I didn't want a ton of gravy left over.

The first thing you need is fat. That is where the breakfast sausage comes in. You could use this recipe to make any gravy but this one in particular goes great with those biscuits we made last week.
After you've browned your meat and set it aside whisk your flour into the pan drippings and cook for 3 min.

Take the pan off the heat and whisk in your milk 2 oz at a time. Once it is all added return to medium high heat and whisk occasionally until your sauce thickens.

*** A word of advice: Your gravy will keep thickening while it cools so take it off the heat while it is still on the runny side otherwise you will have gel instead of sauce.

Once the base is done stir in cooked sausage and serve over whatever you'd like. Daniel loves biscuits and gravy so this one was for him.

I promise it tasted better than it looks. In all fairness, I tried really hard to take an appetizing shot but gravy just doesn't look appetizing. Oh well.

Next week: Salt Dome Fish.


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