Tuesday, August 2, 2011

All Fenced In

Well my friends, it's official. We have completed all the major construction projects for the back yard taking it from this

to this

We were rained out on Sunday so Daniel and I spent all Monday afternoon finishing the fence. I am so happy to have it finished! I let the dog out this morning and didn't have to sit and watch him to make sure he didn't escape. Now I can tick one more item off of my to-do list.

Back Yard Makeover To Do:

  • Clear brush 
  • Build terracing
  • Put up/build fence DONE! 8/1/11
  • Plant grass
  • Build a shed
  • Paint and re screen screen door
  • Paint back door
  • Take out AstroTurf on back porch and refinish
  • Decorate porch
  • Put in lighting along the walk way
  • Fix porch light
  • Plant upper planters
  • Plant Laurel hedge
As you can see there is still quite a bit left to do but I am ready to get most of it done. Planting grass is next since that will take some time to take root and I want it well established before winter comes so planting the rest will come later (probably next month). 

I'll be back with a breakdown of what went into the process for those interested but for now I'm enjoying my finished fence. 


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